As a member of The Hangar you can also enjoy the amenities at Rinse Recovery for only an additional $30/month.

Rinse Offers Cold Plunges / Ice Baths, Compression Therapy, Red Light Therapy and PEMF Mats

After a hard day at the office and training, visit Rinse Recovery to restore your energy!  Similar to Normatec, the Speedhound Compression pants remove waste from your lymphatic system.  The Joovv redlight therapy system stimulates the production of ATP to reduce inflammation and enhances skin health.  PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetc Field) technology delivered via the mat stimulates and exercises cells to help resolve cellular dysfunction and improve overall wellness.  Cold plunges (aka ice baths) are a full body alternative to cryotherapy and the Morozko Forge provides additional health benefits with its grounding feature. 

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The Hangar is conveniently located off of Rt 1 in Rye NH. Less than 15 minutes from Portsmouth, New Castle, North Hampton, Hampton, Exeter, Stratham, Newington and Greenland.  Less than 20 minutes from Hampton Falls, Seabrook, Kensington, Newfields, and Newmarket, and Kittery and Eliot, ME. Less than 10 minutes from popular beaches for surf enthusiasts!(Hampton Beach, Jenness Beach, Linkys, Rye Rocks, Seabrook Beach and The Wall.)